We are currently involved in a number of surface water risk assessments for environmental permitting projects which have required the application of the Environment Agency’s H1 Assessment Tool and detailed water quality modelling software (River Quality Planning [RQP]).

An H1 Screening Assessment has recently been completed for a proposed discharge to foul sewer from an incinerator bottom ash processing facility at Salfords in Surrey which received its environmental permit in 2020.  Our H1 Screening Assessment was also accepted by the EA for a similar facility at Avonmouth in Bristol.

Detailed water quality modelling is currently being carried out for a tidal reach of the River Towy at Carmarthen in South Wales (using the EA’s RQP model).  This detailed modelling is in support of an environmental permit review for a waste recycling facility and we are working closely with Natural Resources Wales to agree suitable revised permit limits.  We have also just started an H1 Screening Assessment for a proposed natural wetland treatment system at a watercress farm at St Mary Bourne in Hampshire.