Case Study: Anaerobic Digestion Facility at Lower Tregeen in Camelford, Cornwall

An Environmental Appraisal Report (EAR) was submitted in support of a planning application for an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility on land at Tregeen in Camelford, Cornwall. The objective of the proposal was to generate renewable energy from processing organic material. Having been sourced principally from local abattoirs and food businesses. The AD facility will supply electricity to the national grid in accordance with Government targets for reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Including the promotion of alternative energy sources.

However, RMA were involved in co-ordinating a multi-disciplinary team of environmental specialists to undertake the EAR. Which involved assessments of air quality, noise, ecology, transport, water quality, drainage and flood risk.

Air quality dispersion modelling was carried out which determined that pollutant concentrations (NO2 and CO) were predicted to be below the relevant objective levels. At the sensitive receptor locations in the vicinity of the site.  Similarly, it was determined following a habitat assessment that the impact of the proposed development on nearby sensitive ecological habitats with regard to airborne pollutants and deposition of nitrogen would be negligible.

An FRA and detailed drainage strategy was prepared for the site which concluded that it would be feasible to dispose of runoff by means of infiltration. Which resulted in a reduction in the volume of runoff leaving the site compared to the existing land use.  The drainage strategy included an assessment of water quality impacts to ensure that runoff is treated appropriately in accordance with the SuDS Manual.

The EAR demonstrated that the proposal would have no significant adverse effects on the environment after mitigation measures were implemented.  The proposal was granted planning permission by Cornwall Council under planning reference PA18/10836.

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