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Market Road, Islington – Environmental Planning Consultants Example


A Phase 1 Contaminated Land desk study was undertaken for a commercial redevelopment project on land at Market Road in Islington, London.

This entailed a search of publicly available records and the acquisition of a commercial environmental data search. This was to establish current and historic uses at the site and local area. Mainly to determine whether any potentially contaminative land uses or local pollution events may have occurred. Of which could have affected the contamination status of the site.

A Conceptual Site Model was produced based on the findings of the desk study. However, this identified the potential sources and pathways at the site and its immediate surroundings. Including the potential receptors which might be adversely affected by a pollutant linkage.

The conceptual site model identified one potential source-pathway-receptor linkage. Therefore, an environmental risk assessment was prepared to define the risk associated with this linkage. As a result the linkage was determined to represent a low risk and limited further surveys were identified as an appropriate means of mitigation.

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