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Flood Risk Assessment Consultants – Chemistry Lane, Queensferry

Welsh Power approached RMA with a challenging site in Flood Zone 3 in Queensferry, Flintshire, where they wanted to develop a gas-fired short term operating reserve power plant. A Flood Consequence assessment was required to support a planning application in accordance with TAN15 of Planning Policy Wales. As the local flood defences were under increasing pressure as a result of climate change, Natural Resources Wales requested that breach modelling was undertaken for the site to demonstrate that the development would be safe and would not increase flood risk elsewhere.

The breach modelling provided detailed design flood events for the development in order to advise on appropriate mitigation measures and allowed a ‘post-development’ model to be constructed, which assessed the impact of placing a new building in the floodplain on the surrounding area. This identified that there was no increase in flood risk elsewhere.

RMA’s expertise as flood risk assessment consultants, in flood modelling and the responsiveness to the requirements of the project and Natural Resources Wales resulted in the scheme securing planning permission.

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