Water is an essential commodity for human life; underpinning our food and drink. The clothes we wear, the landscapes we enjoy, the length and quality of our lives. Severe new pressures on the system; including population rise, migration from rural to urban areas. Also dietary changes, increasing pollution, over-abstraction and climate change are causing water shortages across the globe.

Water is vital to a productive and growing economy. Directly and indirectly affecting the production of goods and services in many sectors. A recent study has suggested that more than two-thirds of the world’s largest companies admit they are at risk from water scarcity. Or have problems with water accessibility or quality which could threatened growth. The CDP’s (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) 2014 Water Report found that 68% of businesses feel that water risk will generate a substantial change in operations or revenue. A further 22% think that issues around water scarcity could limit their growth.

Given today’s approach to water management, there is only so much growth that can be sustained. Gains in efficiency and productivity in water management and utilisation reduce these risks. They enable higher levels of sustainable growth, however current strategies are expected to fall short of requirements.

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