The public consultation period for the Draft Flood Risk Management Plans will soon be closing. Completed by the Environment Agency ending 31st January 2015. Draft plans are produced for each of ten River Basin Districts in England. These are “set out proposals for managing the risk of flooding at a catchment and river basin district scale.”

In addition, measures proposed within the Flood Risk Management Plans are subdivided into four areas:

-Preventing risk

-Preparing for risk

-Protecting from risk

-Recovery and review of risk

Thirty three measures are proposed to manage Flood Risk from all sources from 2015 onwards within the East Devon Catchment of the South-West Flood Risk Management Plan.

However for Tiverton, it includes repairs to flood defence walls along the River Exe. This was originally constructed in 1967.  Furthermore, channel improvements and construction of an earth embankment to the north of Tiverton to provide flood protection to an industrial estate is proposed.

A link to the EA’s draft plans, where information can be found for your area, is provided here

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