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Flood Risk Assessment and Hydrology Services

Flood risk is a key consideration in the development process receiving increased levels of attention from both planning authorities and local communities.  The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires all development proposals in flood risk areas to be supported by a site-specific Flood Risk Assessment which sets out the acceptability of different types of development in flood risk areas.  However, this can have an impact on the feasibility of some developments therefore, it is important to seek experienced technical advice early on in the development process.

What we do

RMA is able to provide early professional advice on the challenges and opportunities for your projects, in order to maximise the development potential whilst ensuring a safe and sustainable development is achieved.  Furthermore, our approach involves early engagement with relevant authorities to ensure that development proposals meet with the expectation of both the authorities and our clients.

Much of the UK has been modelled and mapped to indicate areas of flood risk.  However, these include a number of assumptions and limitations that can often be challenged.  We have a specialist team experienced in making successful flood map challenges which results in a more accurate understanding of flood risk allowing better risk management decisions to be made and the unlocking of land for development projects.

Do you need Flood Risk Advice?

All new development has to ensure that it does not increase flood risk elsewhere and should, where possible, identify opportunities to reduce flood risk to local communities.  This primarily involves the use of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) to manage the surface water generated by new developments.  RMA have successfully prepared conceptual drainage strategies which meet the requirements of Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) and the expectations of our Clients.

If you have a project where you require advice on flood risk or drainage matters get in touch to discuss how we can assist.