RMA were commissioned to prepare an FRA for the purposes of achieving BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment credits Pol 02 and Pol 03 for the domestic element of a mixed-use scheme on land in Westbourne Grove, London.

The site lies within Flood Zone 1 and, therefore, flood risk from fluvial and tidal sources was considered to be low. However, the local Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) identified that the site was located in a ‘Critical Surface Water Location’. The SFRA also indicated that the surrounding area has recorded events of flooding from groundwater, sewers and water mains. However, should flooding occur from these sources close to the site it was assumed that this would behave in a similar way to surface water flooding. Therefore, the assessment of risk from surface water flooding could be indirectly applied to these sources.

Whilst it was identified that the property could potentially be flooded by surface water to an approximate depth of 100 mm, as the residential development was located from the first floor, the risk of flooding was low and the Pol 03 credit was achieved.

It was identified that the development proposals had a neutral impact on surface water runoff rates and therefore achieved the Pol 02 credit.

Project Details

ClientWestbourne House, London