A Utilities Report and Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) were undertaken for a proposed residential development in Minehead, Somerset. The scheme involved up to 72 dwellings with provision for 107 parking spaces and additional informal parking.

The assessment of flood risk established that the site lies entirely within Flood Zone 1 and, therefore, is at a ‘low’ risk of flooding as defined in the NPPF. The local Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) identified that there were no records of flooding incidents at the site or within the immediate vicinity. No other sources of flood risk, i.e. from reservoir or sewer have been identified for the site or surrounding area.

Soakaway tests were undertaken at the site which concluded that there was limited feasibility for infiltration techniques to be utilised within the development to provide a Sustainable Drainage Strategy (SUDS). A conceptual drainage strategy based on SUDS principles was proposed which involved the use of a retention basin to collect surface water and allow it to discharge to a surface water sewer network within the vicinity of the site.

Liaison with Wessex Water and the Environment Agency ensured that a feasible and cost-effective solution that combined surface water storage with public open space resulted in a favourable outcome.

Project Details

ClientHopcott Road, Minehead